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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Health

How Painkillers Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

One thing about the painkillers is their high availability in such way that you can take them anytime you need them. In fact, you can buy more and keep it in your home and use it just in case you experience some pains. Most people don’t know that the painkillers could be as harmful as hard drugs to your body. They are even referred to as safe medicines. You need to understand that these painkillers could be harmful under certain conditions. If you take the painkillers under such circumstance,s you will be causing harm to your body. The painkillers are very effective in soothing pains, aches and discomfort. There are painkillers which are addictive and will cause some more severe side effects. Before you rush to the shop and come with some painkillers, remember these cautions and take the painkillers only when you are convinced that it is the best thing to do.
Some of the painkillers are known as nonsteroidals and are abbreviated as NSAIDS. Some of the brands include Motrin, Advil, Celebrex, Voltage and others. They are used to relieve inflammation, pains and fever. Even though these painkillers are such useful, They have some other side effects. It was found that it increase the risk of heart attack by 50%. Ranked from the most risky drug, diclofenac was the highest and was followed by ibuprofen. The NSAIDAS are often take to reli8ve pains due to sports injuries, arthritis, minor pains and aches. A study was conducted that showed use of the NSAIDS triggers production of platelets that caused restriction of blood flow in the arteries. A study also found that long term use of the NSAIDS results into damage to the stomach lining and gastric inflammation.

Another type of painkillers that can be dangerous to your health is the opioids. This is a class of strong painkillers and can include vicodin morphine, oxycodone and tramadol. Back pain and chronic conditions are most of the conditions in which the opioids are used. Depiste their usage, they can pose some risks to your health. Opioids are known to cause addiction. The user becomes addicted and will need more of the opioids to relief the pain. In the long term, use of the pain killer will not help and the user can experience more pains.

In case you have to use the opioids, it is advisable that you don’t access executive use of the drugs for more than a week. They can even cause respiratory failure and death. Make a point of looking for medical; help in case you have been using opioids for too long. It is even better to try other forms of relief such as exercise and physiotherapy.