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Clogged Arteries

Arteries Clogging– As mentioned when the arteries are healthy their walls are very smooth which allows blood to flow freely and without any problems. The problem starts when materials inside the body become lodged on the interior walls of the arteries causing them to block the passageway of the blood circulating throughout the body. The material blocking the arteries is called plaque and it can slow down the passage of blood or in some cases block it altogether.

What causes Arterial Plaque– What causes the build-up of materials inside the arteries that can block the passage of blood? Plaque is actually made up of different kinds of materials that can be found inside the circulating in the blood. These materials include fibrin, fat, cholesterol, calcium and waste materials that have been removed from cells.

Arterial plaque build-up can be made worse by the fact that the cells on your arterial wall will react to the build-up by secreting additional substances that can add to the build-up and hasten the blocking of the passage of blood. As the blockage of the arteries worsens a condition called atherosclerosis is developed where the arteries narrows down and deteriorate. This condition is hastened by the presence of the following materials in the blood:

Bad Cholesterol– There are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is a major contributing factor in the development of arterial plaque and so when there is a higher level of it than good cholesterol then you can be sure that the arteries will soon start to develop atherosclerosis.

Cigarette Smoke– Smoke from cigarette contains a lot of toxins and chemicals that can cause atherosclerosis. This is the reason why smoking is a major contributing factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases.