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Grateful to My Petaluma Chiropractor That Helped Me Resolve My Back Pain

My back used to give me so much trouble. I almost lost my job due to missing so many days of work because I could not move without severe pain. I have gone into work and forced myself to get through the days while in horrible pain. It was tough to stay cheerful, and I lived on ibuprofen and acetaminophen. I credit my Petaluma chiropractor with helping me put all that behind me. The office is on our holiday greeting card list, and I always bring them a sweet treat from the bakery when I go in for a routine adjustment.

You remember people who really help you. My back is not hurting like it used to. I occasionally have some mild pain or stiffness, and that is when I go back to my Petaluma chiropractor for a routine adjustment on my back that fixes me up again. I no longer am missing days at work, and the bosses have perceived a positive turnaround in my demeanor and performance. I’m thinking like, “No kidding, of course I am different. No more pain!” However, they see it as a milestone and gave me a promotion. I will never be able to figure out managers or bosses, but the extra income is nice.

I never missed work because I hated the job or was lazy regardless of what rumors went around about me. The problem with back pain is that no one can see the injury. If I showed up with a bone poking through the skin, they would likely easily be able to appreciate the pain I would be describing. Saying your back hurts just does not register with people who do not suffer with chronic back pain. I tell you what though, I do not wish it on anyone for them to finally know what it feels like. The military probably could get people to tell them secrets if they could mimic this kind of pain in a person.