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Improve Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Hypercholesterolemia is one of the major health threats in our modern society. If you are suffering hypercholesterolemia, here are four ways to improve your cholesterol level naturally and to balance your blood levels of cholesterol.

  • Daily Exercise

Obviously, daily exercise will help you lose weight, thus reducing the fats in your body that has cholesterol. In addition, daily exercise stimulates the enzymes that transport fat to the liver, thus converted to bile and partly excreted.

  • Taking more fiber

Fiber generally eliminates cholesterol naturally. Cholesterol sticks on the fiber in the intestine, thus not reabsorbed back into the body, but eliminated. To lower cholesterol naturally, take foods rich in fiber like apples, broccoli, beans, cabbage etc.

  • Reduce stress

Stress causes inflammation and is a major cause of hypercholesterolemia that you should strive to eliminate. It heightens the fat buildup in the arteries, thus high blood pressure. You can therefore lower cholesterol naturally through reducing stress. Reduce stress through relaxation exercises, meditation or identify what stresses you have in life and look for ways to reduce them.

  • A controlled diet

The major area your health expert will want you to focus on is diet and do away with foods high in cholesterol content. There are numerous diets you can follow to lower and improve cholesterol naturally. I won’t go into them here because as the internet has thousands of choices. Unless you are specific about what you want from your new diet. You may not get the results you desire.