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Legalize Weed for Medicinal Reasons

Throughout history, the Marijuana plant has been used for medicinal reasons. Different cultures and tribes found out about its pain management abilities and used it for such purposes. Today, the Marijuana plant is also used for pain management, more so among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, there is a great debate regarding this plant because it is considered an illegal drug by the Federal government. Recently, some states have legalized it, but in many other states, it is still an illegal substance. There has been a great movement to legalize weed for medical purposes. You can learn more about its effects below.

As stated above, Marijuana is used by cancer patients to help control their pain, as well as increasing their appetite. Other medical conditions it has been associated with are epilepsy and fibromyalgia. Just like any substance or prescribed medications, there are both short and long term side effects. Some of those short term side effects include appetite, sleep, mood and memory. For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often times have very suppressed appetites. Using Marijuana for medical reasons will help increase the patient’s appetite thus allowing them to eat to obtain the nutrients their body needs to stay strong.

There have been studies conducted on the long term effects of using this drug. Although the studies did show a reduction in verbal memory, but cognitive speech, the ability to pay attention, planning or solving dilemmas did not seem to be effected, among other functions. It seems like the benefits it has on people with diseases far outweighs any negative side effects. People that suffer from epilepsy do have medications that can help them cope. However, 30% of patients do not respond to those medications. For the 30%, medical Marijuana has helped them greatly when it comes to pain management.

More and more states are leaning towards legalizing Marijuana. But for now, it is still considered an illegal substance by the Federal Government. Because of this, some travel is required to obtain the medical Marijuana, especially if you live in a state where it is still considered illegal. In such cases, a waiver is required.