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My Basketball Day Are Not over Just Yet

I thought my days of playing a pick up game of ball were over. I had suffered several sports injuries through the years, and just getting older meant that all of them hurt even more with each passing year. When I saw an old friend playing basketball with a group of neighborhood kids, I thought he must be in incredible shape. He told me later that it is just because he has a really good San Jose chiropractor who helps him when he is feeling the typical aches and pains that we all feel at our age.

That got me to thinking, and I decided to look further into it on my own too. I asked him if he would mind sharing his doctor’s contact information, and he gladly gave it to me. He even told me that he looked forward to seeing me on the court with them sooner rather than later, which gave me pretty high hopes that maybe my pickup games were not over after all. I contacted the chiropractor’s office and explained how I had come by their name and info. I did tell them that I was not sure they could help me, but I was hoping that they could.

I had to go in a few days later so the chiropractor could look at my back and see what was going on with it. I thought he would just use his hands to feel around, but he actually ordered tests, including an X-ray. He told me that would give him all the information he would need to make sure that the treatment plan he devised for me was the most accurate one. It ended up that I needed to have some adjustments, some stem therapy, and then some physical therapy. I was not back out on the courts that same week, but it was only a couple of months that I felt able enough to go play a game of basketball. I actually rocked that game too!