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My Daughter is Back on the Lacrosse Team

I am convinced that checking out various chiropractors in San Jose paid off in spades for my daughter. She suffered a tendon injury while playing on her lacrosse team at school, and that caused a lot of problems. She’s an outstanding player, so much so that she’s actually been offered a scholarship at a prestigious university to play while she attends class. Getting a scholarship in this sport is no mean feat because so few are offered. It’s almost impossible to get one, so obviously we’re very proud of her and also very concerned about this tendon injury.

Since our regular doctor couldn’t seem to find a solution to her injury, we turned to chiropractors. My husband and I spent a lot of time doing our research online as well as talking to people we know who have gone in to see a chiropractor for various ailments. We finally narrowed our search and made a call to make an appointment. All I could think about on the trip over to the office is what we would do if our daughter couldn’t play her sport. We certainly couldn’t afford to pay the tuition at that renown school. I prayed for a miracle.

I guess I can say my prayers were answered because the chiropractor told us not to worry about the tendon injury. He said that with a few visits and some therapy involving stretching and pulling, he could fix up the tendon as good as new. Our daughter did have to miss a couple of matches due to having to stay off the injured leg for a couple of weeks, but the treatment coupled with staying in bed or on the couch seemed to clear up the injury. She is going to make a big return to her sport and the scholarship is still in play!