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Importance of Blood Glucose Meters

It is not enough to be simply monitoring your glucose levels every now and then but you should use your glucometer or blood glucose meter to generate a chart and have them reviewed by the diabetic health care team to make determinations about your blood intake requirements and exercise plan.

We are now accosted with a self-monitoring device in contrast to the traditional method where patients needs to visit a dedicated doctor or hospital. It does not mean to say that we are now free to self-manage our food intake, insulin requirements and exercise plans on our own or without the attention of a diabetic specialist. Now more than ever you need a specialists remarks on the daily glucose levels that you submit to him before and after meals, and before bedtime. Before, you cannot easily accomplish this since you have the inconvenience of going to the hospital every now and then when necessary. Since each diabetic patient can self-monitor their glucose levels, diet plans have become individualized, so that old methods of giving general diet plans and tear off diet sheets are no longer in use.

A prescribed treatment is still necessary for your type of diabetes which will require you to test you blood sugar level a number of times. You are able to verify it yourself, this time around. Some may even need to verify them up to ten times a day. The procedure is very easy to obtain, you simply finger prick to allow a small lump of blood and place it in a mini test strip, then insert it in a pocket sized device that will encode your glucose level. The memory feature of this device will allow you to recall extractions from certain time and date. Glucose meter and test strips are available for purchase at any pharmacy, and contrary to the common misconception, they are not expensive. Today, there are newer models of blood glucose meters that has backlight functions so it comes in handy if you are inside a movie house or if you don’t want to wake up your spouse in the middle of the night.
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there were issues before with the use of this self-monitoring glucose meter, especially with type 2 diabetes patients who are not on insulin. This spark was caused by the idea that because it is self-monitoring, it therefore accommodates self-evaluation, or alternatively without the help of a diabetic specialists and nutritionist.
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With the willingness and commitment of a diabetic patient to test himself and know when to do it, then the benefits will be more pronounced.