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The Importance of Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

For those affected by alcoholism or drug addiction, the use of alcohol or drugs becomes an obsession. Their whole life revolves around this consumption and does so to the detriment of all other activities. Gradually, users come to neglect their family and professional responsibilities.

Interpersonal conflicts arise and worsen. At this point, despite the problems that accumulate, substance abusers can no longer resist their obsessions of consuming their vice. This is why substance abuse treatment for women is so necessary. Know that there are solutions and that you can receive help quickly and confidentially!

Are you at risk?

Here is a small questionnaire based on the general symptoms of addiction:

  • Is the person ever unable to resist a desire to consume?
  • Is there tension (or stress) that leads to substance use?
  • Is there a feeling of relief when you consume?
  • Is there ever a loss of control when you use?

Answering yes to only one of these questions can indicate the presence of a problem of dependence.

Need more information?

When someone calls a professional to find out about treatments for alcohol, drug or prescription drug problems, they usually have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Their use of alcohol or drugs has become uncontrollable
  • There may be marital or family conflicts
  • The person could have lost their self-esteem
  • He or she feels the need to talk about her difficulties in complete confidentiality
  • The user can no longer, without help, face the challenges that are accumulating

The objective of a treatment center

Treatment centers want to help those who use their facilities as these services can help users stop using alcohol and drugs and, thus, regain their dignity and personal balance. At a treatment center, inpatients will be able to talk about their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment and recognize the consequences of alcohol and drug use in their lives and those around them. Patients should learn to understand the mechanisms that lead to their use and will help to develop their ability to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

The program

Alcoholism and other addictions are considered to be diseases that affect the physical, mental and spiritual condition of dependent people. Experience shows that a treatment that targets abstinence and involvement in self-help groups allows the person to regain balance and abstain from psychotropic substances.